Our pledge to our clients:

  1. You should never have the feeling you have been “sold to.”
  2. You will be consulting with someone with experience.
  3. Your skepticism is appreciated and expected.
  4. You will not have product pushed down your throat.
  5. You will not feel pressured.
  6. You will trust, like, and respect your financial professional.
  7. You will receive communication from us more than once a year.
  8. You will find your financial professional is accessible and will return your calls.
  9. Your financial professional will help you stay accountable to a good strategy and road-map.
  10. You will get FACTS, not HYPE or OPINIONS.
  11. Your money decisions will be measured with the best information we know today.
  12. You will get an independent firm that does not have big company pressure to push a single product line.
  13. Your NO is OK.
Disclaimer: The Nautilus Pledge to Our Clients is not intended to indicate any guarantees or future results.  Its sole intent is to provide our clients with our best efforts to create a welcome environment and provide the best information and strategies that we can.